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Welcome to Corazón&Color

In the heart of Colombia, a brand is born that transcends time and connects with our deepest roots. Corazón&Color is the result of immense love for the artisanal, the authentic, and the handmade.

We are a 100% Colombian brand that celebrates our ancestral traditions and takes pride in working with artisans from different regions of the country.

Every weave we create, every color we incorporate, is an expression of our commitment to artisanal excellence and the fusion with the contemporary world.

Through unique techniques and materials, we elevate artisanal fashion to a level of luxury. But our mission goes beyond that: we respect and value the diverse cultures and weaving techniques that make up our identity.

We work hand in hand with entire families, men and women, dedicated to preserving the craft from one generation to the next. Our designs are a symphony of freedom and empowerment, with touches of elegance that enhance the beauty of the fun and authentic women of Corazón&Color.

Corazón&Color is not just a brand but a shared dream between mother and daughter. Luz Angela (Mom) is the unwavering force behind our designs. As an entrepreneur and creator, she finds inspiration in the colors and energy of our artisans. Each design is a reflection of her love for everything she does, her desire to serve, and her contribution to a better world.

Maria José (Daughter), on the other hand, is the voice of practicality, simplicity, and strategy. As a marketing professional, she finds solutions in simplicity and guides our strategies with a perfect balance. She represents us and immerses herself in every detail of our social media and marketing strategies.

At Corazón&Color, we believe in not just fashion but in the transformation it can bring. Every piece you wear is more than an accessory; it’s a connection to a story, a tradition, and a better future, where authenticity shines in all its colors.

Welcome to our world. A world where the artisanal is a gift we give to ourselves and to the world. Together, we celebrate the richness of handmade and the power of authenticity.


Carry the heart of an artisan in your hands.

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