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Our Craftspeople

Behind each piece, ingrained in every color and weave, lies a story that connects us with authenticity. At Corazón&Color, we believe that each creation is a manifestation of a creative soul, a link to tradition, and the result of the love our master artisans pour into every detail.

These experienced and passionate hands breathe life into our products, weaving a heritage of knowledge passed down through generations. Each weave tells a story, every shade evokes the richness of our ancestral roots.

Our products are the fruit of the effort and talent of artisans from various regions of our beloved country, Colombia. In their hands, ancient techniques come to life, merging with a contemporary touch that celebrates authenticity and creativity.

Each piece we offer is a testimony to their dedication and expertise. From the most remote regions to the bustling streets, these master artisans infuse each product with their heart and exceptional skills. We weave these connections for you, so you can feel their spirit in every detail and carry a piece of history with you.

Supporting our artisans is not just a choice but a conviction deeply rooted in our DNA. We value their skills and their work, and we take pride in collaborating with them on this journey of creation and connection. Every piece you choose is more than an accessory; it’s a direct link to the passion and heart of our master artisans.


Weaving Recycled Plastic and Color

From the lands of southern Colombia, in Huila, comes the story of Emiliano, an artisan whose skill and creativity have woven a bond between tradition and modernity. Along with his family, Emiliano has transformed “zuncho,” a plastic fiber derived from recycling, into a unique expression of art and functionality.

Over 50 years ago, Emiliano began his journey into “zuncho” weaving, a skill he learned from his father, Don Orlando. Originally, they collected industrial surplus of this plastic fiber, giving it a new purpose to create traditional baskets in the local markets. Over time, this technique evolved, becoming a softer, more subtle, and flexible material adorned with vibrant colors.

Emiliano has shared his knowledge with his entire family, siblings, children, and neighbors, becoming an invaluable heritage that sustains his community. His boundless creativity and mastery of color bring to life unique and unrepeatable pieces. Every day, his support and experience inspire us to explore new designs for everyday life in the city.

Emiliano’s story is a testament to the power of tradition and evolving craftsmanship. His expert hands not only create objects but also weave connections with history and the future. By choosing a piece created by Emiliano, you choose to carry with you a piece of southern Colombia and his heart.

Maria Epieyu Y Maria Jose

Weaving the Wayuu Soul

From the Wayuu indigenous community emerges the skill of María Epieyu, a weaver whose wise hands create more than simple textiles. With a profound connection to her roots, this community weaves each thread as a link to an ancestral tradition full of history and meaning.

From the vast lands of La Guajira, María José is the master of creativity and coordination at Corazón&Color. As part of the social fabric, María José brings her passion and vision to every phase of the process. Alongside her fellow Wayuu, she possesses infectious joy and unwavering dedication to create unique and vibrant pieces.

María Epieyu and María José represent the hearts that beat in harmony with tradition and innovation. These women work in collaboration, where each design reflects love for the ancestral and all the color that flows from the Wayuu community to the world.

We must not forget the invaluable work of the men of the Wayuu community, who contribute their great skill and passion to craft designs in natural Mawisa fiber, derived from palm cultivation in the desert of La Alta Guajira. Each piece that emerges from their hands is a tribute to collaboration and the team spirit that marks the resilience of this community.

Yenis y Su Hija

Weaving the Natural Essence of the Caribbean

From the Colombian Caribbean, a story of authenticity and creativity personified in Yenis and her daughter unfolds. From the Sanjuanera community, they have revolutionized the art of traditional weaving in their region, infusing every weave with a deep connection to nature. Their vision and determination have sparked a renewal in the ancient craft.

Today, we invite you to delve into their innovative designs and the richness of diversity they have masterfully woven. Using natural fibers from Enea and Junco palms, their skillful hands bring handmade treasures to life. From baskets to placemats and charming trays, each piece is a testament to the power of nature to adorn your home.

Yenis and her daughter, weavers of the natural essence, are paving a path to a future where tradition merges with sustainability. Every creation born from their hands is a tribute to the land and the modern vision they infuse into their work. In every weave, they capture the very essence of the Caribbean, transporting you to a world where nature and art come together in perfect harmony.

Their story becomes a beacon of inspiration. With every natural fiber they intertwine, they remind us of the importance of preserving and honoring our environment. We invite you to explore this weave with love and connection, where Yenis, her daughter, and their community celebrate the beauty and simplicity that nature offers.

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