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Large Basket 0441

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Large Basket Made of Recycled Plastic

Handwoven bag by Colombian artisans, crafted one by one using recycled plastic strapping material, an industrial product of recycling and recyclable, eco-friendly.

Handle woven in the same material providing a more sober finish and a cleaner design. Magnetic closure.

Perfect for beach use, as a shopping bag, for crafts, for organizing or decorating spaces, or to add an authentic style to any occasion.

Measures 32 cm high x 35 cm long x 20 cm wide.

Assorted colors, each piece is unique and not repeated.

Each bag may have differences as they are 100% handwoven; they may appear imperfect, which is part of their artisanal essence. They are washable, resistant, durable, and multipurpose. To maintain the desired shape, mold them by hand or with a little indirect heat at a distance of 30 cm.

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